Early projections

The other day, as I was walking to work, a homeless woman told me I was “very pretty.” She wasn’t panhandling, only commenting. I smiled–it was said with genuine kindness–but ever since then it hurts me to think of it. … Continue reading

The Photo Shop

For me, there’s nothing better than a question with no right answer and lots of nuance of which I’ve not yet bothered to form an opinion. So I was excited to stumble upon a piece about “the view from nowhere.” This … Continue reading


Yesterday, C and I went on our annual hunt for a new calendar. By mid-January, all the leftover calendars at our almost-local big-box bookstore are marked down by 50% or more. I look forward to clearance section calendars; I have to … Continue reading

The age of abstraction

A couple of days ago a story appeared on the local news. It presented a situation  I suspect happens often and without remark but that, once reported, is bound to get everyone’s attention. Especially in a city like this one, … Continue reading

A thicker skin

I’m getting very tired of hearing about “wind chill.” Yes, it is cold. It is winter. For my part, I am in Canada and, after years of gathering anecdotal evidence, I am not alarmed. That is, unless people begin to … Continue reading

Tyranny and Truffles

It’s New Year’s Day. This afternoon, we’ll pack up and head back to the city. I don’t want to go. Though not long enough, the holiday was lovely–and utterly decadent, which is what I wanted it to be. When I … Continue reading