Welcome to Rabbiton


This morning I woke up at our house with a wonderful idea for one of our planting beds. Since there’s no way to go back to sleep after having a wonderful idea, I got up. As I pulled on some clothes I looked out the window and, to my delight, saw a little rabbit busily digging near the stump of our old pear tree.

As I watched, it occurred to me the bunny in question was sort of chubby. As I watched it carefully gathering great mouthfuls of dry grass and carry them to the stump, I realized it–she–might be making a nest for a new litter of kits. Of course I woke up my darling C (we’d found two dead goldfinches yesterday and he needed some good animal-related news) and my mother-in-law. We watched for almost an hour.

Later, after rabbit had finished her work for the day, we decided to put a couple of large stones near the entrance to her burrow. We wanted to make sure the mower wouldn’t get too close and, since we get the occasional random neighbour dog wandering through, that it wouldn’t be easy for curious animals to dig there.

Later still, I was standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes. I looked out the window to see the sign pictured above.

I love my husband.




8 thoughts on “Welcome to Rabbiton

  1. Wonderful! And if you are feeling like I am, that the world just came back to life a week ago and that spring is unfolding at a breathtakingly rapid pace this year, this seems even more joyous.

    Yes, C. sounds absolutely loveable.

    • Breathtaking describes it perfectly. A month ago, everything was brown brown brown. Last weekend, everything was green and there were a thousand violets and dandelions in the grass, looking as though they’d been there always. Things were a bit late this year, but when they came they came all at once!

    • No tiny bunnies yet. Perhaps they’ll be out in time for your visit? The snowball bushes/trees are in bloom. I love them, but I’m so sad you won’t see them in all their confectionery glory. Just now, we have a mother robin nesting in a bit of driftwood on the side of our garage. Her little ones poke their heads up at every sound, beaks wide open, hoping for some treat. And there’s a gigantic garter snake living next to the greenhouse…

  2. You took down your most recent post, and I can understand why. I thought of you my entire way home, as a person who loves and lives with a person who suffers. I have thoughts I would share with you in private. I believe that you can see my email address on your side of this post. Send me a message if you wish for a private conversation.

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