One step closer to the merge


Well, we moved. Sort of. All our stuff is at the–our–house. And my husband is there. And our cat and our dog. The only one not quite there is me.

The teaching job didn’t come through (not yet, anyway) and I decided though I was feeling brave, I wasn’t feeling that brave. I would keep my job for a few months yet so we could try and pay off the small debts we’re carrying and take care of this year’s property taxes. On my salary, and not paying rent, a few months of saving could give us a modest cushion.

So for five days a week, I’m living rent free with my delightful mother-in-law. She really is lovely. She’s given me a room for free and, whenever she’s home, there’s always dinner waiting for me. (I’m quite spoiled.) She’s set me up in a twee little guest room with a twin bed (dust ruffle included), tiny closet, and long, sheer curtains on the two mini-windows. It’s all very French-looking and neat as a pin. When I get to my room at night I feel like a foreign exchange student.

There are drawbacks, obviously. The most glaring one is that I’m away from my little family. Oh, I miss them so. The dog and I are just starting to forge a solid, snuggle-based relationship; the cat is feeling displaced and the way he clings to me when I’m home breaks my heart. And my darling husband! I hate to be away from him for even one night, let alone four. (While I take the train home on Fridays, he drives me back to the city on Sundays and stays overnight to give us a few extra hours.)

There is also the matter of the commute. MIL lives on the edge of a city that borders on Toronto. Every morning I get up at 5:45 and get ready to catch the bus at 6:15. That bus takes me to a hub on the border of the two cities and there I catch another bus that takes me to another hub, halfway downtown. There I get on a streetcar the rest of the way, and I arrive at work at around 7:45. Going back can be better or worse, depending on traffic and my ability to handle crowded conveyance. I leave work at 4 PM and, if I’m lucky, I’ll be back at my home-base at 6:30. Last night I rolled in at 7:45 PM. Last night was not good.

And finally, there’s the internet. As in, there is none. The strange thing is, though, I miss that part a lot less than I thought I would. Turns out the internet, for me, is about 80% distraction and 10% convenience. Both of those things I can either replace or live without. The remaining percentage I can fit in on my work breaks.

It does sort of throw a wrench in my blogging activities, though. That’s a bit tough.



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