One year later…

saskia de brauw by julien d'ys for cr fashion book

Everything has changed.

As of September, I have left my job in the city and moved to live at our country house full-time. C is working as a grade 4-6 teacher at a local private school. I am, as of this moment, still unemployed. We’re poor as church mice, but I don’t mind. Honestly, out here, with no driver’s license and nowhere within walking distance to spend money, it’s not such a big deal. The lack of Starbucks alone saves us fifty bucks a month.

I’ll admit I’m a bit lost, though. More on that later, maybe.

The truth is, outside of letters to my friend the nun (more on that later, too), I’ve done almost no writing since last December. I needed a break. I needed to think about what I wanted. And, as time passed, I just fell out of the habit.

But it’s time to get back down to it–and this seems the best place to start.

Hello. Hello?


21 thoughts on “One year later…

  1. I think of you all the time. Was wondering about you-your life. Please keep posting…

    Say the word & Thomas & I can come up for a visit!

    Your biggest fan-
    j a n e

    • Jane jane jane!!! We have a bit of work to do around here, but I am definitely going to take you and T up on the visit when we get organized. WOOT.

  2. Hello back! Was very intrigued (worried) when I found you’d flown the coop. Sounds like a much better henhouse to be in, your country house. Saving money is fun. Who needs Starbucks so often? Waiting to hear (read) what you are up to… And I’m very glad to hear from you!

    • THAT is exactly the kind of positive, enthusiastic comment I needed. Saving money IS fun. I think. And you know, I’ve needed a change for a while now. I’m going to try and catch up on some of your back posts. Are you well? Are you going back to work or is that still on hold?

      • Looking at a return to work starting mid-December. I’m making lists and checking them twice (hahahaha—that’s what they say to do in the cancer-treatment-related brain fog seminar at Princess Margaret) of all the stuff I need to have completed before I go back: get arm down to 4%, get eyes examined and new glasses, get tattoos removed, etc., etc.

        • You are going to do great. GREAT, I TELL YOU. And I think it’s good to go back right before the holidays, so you can dip a toe in and take a break pretty much right away. Smart!

  3. I was thinking of you the other day. I’m delighted to read your voice just as the sun has come out brilliantly here, after a chilly, rainy period, reporting beautiful changes in your life. I’m looking forward to more words, at your pace and timing.

    • Anita, I was thinking of you, too. I found a wonderful blog from a retired engineer who is on a mission (it seems) sew, knit, and crochet all kinds of wonderful things. Her site is called DeconstructAlterCreate on blogspot. Have you seen it? The stuff she makes is pretty amazing and when I saw it, I thought you’d appreciate her work.
      I’m happy to hear from you!

    • Hello – thank you! Yes, h. is in her novitiate at a cloistered convent. We write letters now, as she no longer has access to the internet. (Which is a real shame, as her writing is as beautiful as always.) She is wonderfully happy. I will definitely let her know you’re thinking of her.
      I’ve been enjoying your posts. You’re having adventures! I was curious to see the walls and tunnels of the “iron goat trail.” I had to look it up and so read about the Wellington Avalanche Disaster. I’m still trying to get my head around the town getting 11′ of snow in one day. Egad.

      • I’m so glad she’s happy and well!

        And yes, quite the adventures. There are some neat places out here. We spent a lot of time on that trail talking about the audacity of humans as they tried to carve out new ways across those mountains.

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