The writing on the wall

Presented for your consideration, here are some of the bits of text I have gathered and posted in my office: “Following your bliss is useless. People are passionate about a lot of stupid things.” (Jessa Crispin) “Something being preferable to … Continue reading

A silly little nothing of a post.

I just heard someone use the word “pocketbook.” It’s such a nice word. It reminds me of words like “trousers” and “chesterfield.” They seem oddly romantic in a world of purses, pants, and sofas. What are your favourite words? x.g.

A Rural Thanksgiving

It’s been weirdly warm, but the Stegelburg leaves are slowly changing. This is the best time—when the trees are still full and the grass is still green, but there are great, golden patches of crunchy leaves and everything smells like … Continue reading